Craft WW Develops Eco-Conscious Paper for Aldi

22 July 2019



An increase in the global demand for packaging, coupled with environmental pressures to move from plastics to paper, started to impact the global paper market, particularly Gravure-grade paper. Gravure paper was used by McCann and Craft Worldwide to produce all of the print assets for supermarket chain Aldi, such as weekly leaflets and brochures, which are an integral part of company’s business model. Facing large price increases, the team knew something had to be done before it adversely impacted costs and production at Aldi.

Craft Worldwide, Leipa Paper and print group Prinovis developed the world’s first hybrid paper that is compatible across both Gravure and web offset productions, ensuring that Aldi would have a continuity of supply and a predictable pricing model.

The new paper, along with McCann/Craft WW Manchester, is accredited by the FSC (The Forestry Stewardship Council). This means that any piece of printed material produced by Craft WW can carry its own Chain of Custody label, demonstrating that the papers follow strict guidelines and abide by ethical procurement values and processes. The paper also carries the EU Eco Label, meaning it follows guidelines for water usage and energy consumption used in the production process.

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