Current Global Commits to be Accessible by Design

03 December 2020



In conjunction with International Day of People with Disabilities, Current Global, has created a new Accessible by Design agency commitment and client service offer.

The offer is anchored by a commitment that every piece of communication developed, curated or published on behalf of the firm and its clients will meet the highest accessibility standards. All content and campaigns will be designed from concept to delivery to be inclusive of people of all abilities, such as those with sight, hearing, speech and cognitive impairments.

“Over a billion people around the world have some form of disability, which is a significant audience to exclude by default or design,” says George Coleman, Co-CEO at Current Global. “Every day in our industry content is published that’s inaccessible to many, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Not only do we have a moral duty to change this, it makes clear commercial sense for our clients.”

The IPG agency has developed a comprehensive set of guidelines and an accessibility toolkit, which has been rolled out to its global team and embedded into best practices, processes and workflows. In many ways, the technology to help create and consume accessible content already exists. The key step-change has been embedding accessibility standards at the core of the agency’s approach to designing campaigns and all forms of content.

“We believe we are the first global PR agency to launch such an offer, and it goes to the very core of our proposition and belief that human-centered communication has the power to move all of us,” adds Virginia Devlin, Co-CEO at Current Global. “We are proud to take a leadership stance on this important issue, and we hope that we inspire and instigate changes across the marketing industry.”

Accessible by Design is now a core part of Current Global’s client service offer, included within standard fee rates, and for most assignments will come at no extra cost. In 2021, the firm will offer clients an Accessible by Design audit to determine the level of accessibility in an organization’s communication efforts and help them chart a path forward to increased inclusion.

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