Current Global Partners with Kingsford to Celebrate the Culture of Black Barbecue

01 February 2021


Current Global partnered with Kingsford®, a leader in barbecue for more than 100 years, to create and launch Preserve the Pit™, an initiative focused on preserving the cultural history of Black barbecue and investing in its future. The Black community ignited American barbecue more than 350 years ago, but without the spark of a new generation at the pit, important stories, recipes and techniques risk being extinguished. Kingsford’s commitment is to honor the history and culture of Black barbecue in order to pave the way for its future. The effort is anchored by the Preserve the Pit Fellowship, which will grant aspiring barbecue professionals an exclusive opportunity for immersive training and one-on-one mentorship with industry leaders throughout 2021.

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