EP+Co Gives Back to New York City Bodegas

14 October 2022


At the height of the pandemic, New York City’s 14,000+ bodegas — owned mostly by first-, second-, and third-generation immigrant families — were facing permanent closure. As part of an effort to pay homage to, and raise awareness of, the bodega’s irreplaceable role in the fabric of New York City, EP+Co leveraged the art of film, storytelling, and its Allied in Art initiative to launch “Back the Bodega.”

The campaign consists of three one-minute spots, which were directed, shot, and produced independently in collaboration with directors Jeff Schroeder, Waley Wang, Matt Vega, and production companies Residency and Los York. While communicating the idea that bodegas mean something different to everyone, each film works to highlight the people and places that make New York so unique, and remind audiences to support their local corner store.

Watch the films here.

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