FCB and the Ad Council Debut Mental Health Campaign ‘Love, Your Mind’

02 November 2023


The U.S. is currently facing a mental health crisis, with nearly 70 million adults likely to grapple with mental health challenges, all while holding attitudes and beliefs that deter them from seeking help. To address this issue, FCB New York and FCB Chicago have collaborated on a national 360 campaign in partnership with the Ad Council to inspire individuals to be more open, accepting and proactive in addressing their mental health. Titled “Love, Your Mind,” the campaign is a love letter from your mind, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing mental health, and serving as a powerful reminder that when we tend to our mental well-being, we become better equipped to face life’s challenges.

Leveraging FCB’s proprietary Upstream Inclusion process, the agencies identified a crucial target audience to address first: Black and Hispanic men who are disproportionately affected by mental health issues and simultaneously hold beliefs that discourage them from seeking help. Approximately 1/3 of Black and Hispanic adults fall into this category. “Love, Your Mind” gently challenges these beliefs by illustrating that they are not alone in their struggles, and that taking care of their mental health and opening up to others can be profound in facilitating personal healing and growth.

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