FCB Canada and adidas Champion Down syndrome Athletes in ‘Runner 321’

27 June 2023


Sports fans idolize and identify with those who achieve the impossible. One of the most common symbols for inspiring the next generation of athletes is an iconic number. Michael Jordan’s 23, Lionel Messi’s 10, or Wayne Gretzky’s 99. Numbers that represent perseverance, dedication, and the pinnacle of athletic success.

Iconic numbers have been revered as a symbol of the best athletes of all time. In reality, they’ve only represented athletes that fit within the confinements of mainstream sport. FCB Canada and adidas set out to create the first iconic number to represent the entire community of Down syndrome athletes who are redefining what society thinks they can achieve.

In collaboration with FCB Canada, ‘Runner 321’ has become a global movement wherein adidas asks the world’s largest organized marathons to reserve bib number 321, representing Trisomy 21 for people with Down syndrome.

Runners from all over the world and races from three different continents have already reserved running Bib 321. adidas sponsors two of the world’s six major marathons, but the other four are sponsored by Nike, New Balance, and Asics. Regardless of their sponsor, all the races signed up to be included in this movement to make running a more inclusive sport.

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