FCB Canada and Canadian Down Syndrome Society Launch Global Research Initiative

24 March 2021


FCB Canada and Canadian Down Syndrome Society (CDSS), along with Anglia Ruskin University and BrainHQ have launched a global, first-of-its-kind, research study to examine whether physical and brain exercise should be an integral part of cognitive therapies for people with Down syndrome. This new initiative developed by FCB Canada is called “Mindsets.” It begins with a globally unprecedented study to chart the effects of brain and physical exercise on the abilities of people in the Down syndrome community. The effects of fitness on people with Down syndrome hasn’t been studied extensively, and because of this lack of data, many doctors and parents in the community continue to believe that fitness is not important for people with Down syndrome. As part of the campaign, there will be a series of videos encouraging people around the world to take part in the study. The goal is to complete the study and share the results before the end of the year.

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