FCB, Current Global and the City of Chicago Turn Barricades into Voting Booths

26 October 2020


In recent months, pain and righteous anger brought thousands into the streets in a mass call for change. Many buildings and storefronts boarded up their windows and doors, but it wasn’t long before those wooden boards were transformed from symbols of pain to canvases of hope, filled with powerful messages of unity, equality and justice.

FCB Chicago teamed up with When We All Vote, City of Chicago and JCDecaux to turn those plywood boards into voting booths, to inspire everyone to take charge of change, through the power of their vote. The booths form part of the installation ‘Boards of Change’, which is showcased throughout Chicago neighborhoods that are currently lagging in voter registration. People can simply walk up to a booth, scan the QR code, and register to vote on the spot.