In their latest campaign, “The Dumb Law Paradox,” FCB Health New York and the Gay Men’s Health Crisis (GMHC) are bringing their six-year-long fight for “Blood Equality” to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and key decision-makers in Washington, D.C. The gay blood ban was introduced in the early 1980’s, when the United States was battling the AIDS epidemic and scientific research was limited. The goal of the campaign is to show, now 40 years later and with more advanced research, that the ban on gay blood makes less sense than some of the nation’s most obscure laws.

To do so, the campaign displays the gay blood policy next to antiquated laws that still exist across the United States. A total of 18 laws are featured in the campaign, such as “you shall not try to catch a greased pig” (Minnesota) and “a frog which died at a frog jumping race cannot be eaten” (California).

The campaign comes after a 2020 decision which, rather than revoking the policy, ruled that gay men must be celibate for three months before donating their blood.

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