FCB Health New York Brings Attention to Racial Disparities in Clinical Trials

15 March 2021


Clinical trials are a lifeline, and often the only way someone with advanced cancer can survive. Disparities in clinical trials among African Americans and Hispanic communities is a longstanding problem. African Americans are 13% of the U.S population yet only 3% of patients in oncology trials. Hispanics are 19% of the U.S population yet only 6% of patients in oncology trials.

FCB Health New York launched “The Trial for #ClinicalEquality” to educate healthcare professionals, researchers, politicians, patient advocacy groups and the public about changing the practices of clinical trials. The multi-channel campaign message was simple—it’s time for clinical justice because cancer doesn’t discriminate, and neither should clinical trials. Numerous outlets have committed hundreds of thousands of dollars in free media to the campaign, including JAMA Oncology, The Oncologist, AdPrime Health, PulsePoint and many more. Top-tier publications like Ad Age, Campaign US, MM+M, Med Ad News and PR Week have highlighted the agency’s efforts.

For more information visit the #ClinicalEquality site,  https://www.clinicalequality.com/.

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