FCB Health NY Continues the Fight for Inclusive Clinical Trials

29 May 2024

If a heart disease clinical trial fails to include African Americans — the very people who are most likely to die from this disease — does that mean their lives are worth less? And does it make the clinical trial worth less too? Those are the provocative questions being asked by The Trial for #ClinicalEquality, a longstanding and widely celebrated initiative from FCB Health New York, as it continues the fight for diversity in clinical trials with its new “Worth Less” campaign.

“Worth Less” further illuminates the damaging impact that the lack of diversity in clinical trials has, not just on minority groups, but on science, our healthcare system and public trust in the medical establishment. Through a series of 15 arresting portrait images — created using generative AI licensed from Adobe Stock — this new campaign illustrates the sheer number of ethnicities and racial groups that are being excluded from clinical trials and the “cost” we all pay as a result.

The award-winning Trial for #ClinicalEquality launched in 2020 to raise awareness about the lack of diversity in cancer clinical trials and to urge clinical trial sponsors to make their research more inclusive. Since its launch, #ClinicalEquality has partnered with advocacy groups, pharmaceutical companies and research institutions to educate both the public and the medical establishment, and to bring the conversation to some of the largest stages in the world including Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and SXSW.

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