FCB Lisbon and Penguin Random House Redefine Past Symbols of Repression

25 April 2022


As one of the most respected publishers in the world, Penguin Random House carries the unique ability to amplify diverse stories and the ideas they hold. In an effort to tap into this potential and advance their mission to create books for everyone, the publishing company partnered with FCB Lisbon to launch the “Portuguese (Re)Constitution,” a book that celebrates the end of fascism in Portugal. For their work on the campaign, FCB Lisbon won Agency of the Year and a Grand Prix at the 2022 Lisbon International Advertising Festival.

While honoring the 50th anniversary of Portugal’s Carnation Revolution, which marks the milestone that ended the country’s fascist regime, the book sets out to reinvent the constitution with contributions from Portuguese poets and illustrators. Equipped with a blue pencil – formerly recognized as the tool for censorship and repression – eleven contemporary artists were asked to black-out parts of the constitution that existed before Portugal’s independence and create poems and illustrations with the remaining words.

In total, 58 illustrations were created and sold in 2,500 book copies. With zero euros invested, the campaign received massive media attention and garnered thousands in earned media for the Penguin Random House brand. The book is now part of the permanent collection of the Aljube Museum and is being used across Portuguese schools to teach students the history of the revolution through art.

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