FCB/SIX Creates Tool for LGBTQ+ Travelers

18 January 2018


What if each bar on the pride flag could tell the story of the place it was flying? That’s the idea at the heart of Destination Pride, a new digital platform developed by PFLAG Canada in partnership with FCB/SIX.

In a world where gay marriage is legal in one place and homosexuality punishable by death in another, the stakes for LGBTQ+ travelers have always been high. DestinationPride.org is a step toward helping the community better navigate the planet.

The heart of the platform is DestinationPride.org, a data-driven search tool designed to help travelers understand LGBTQ+ laws, rights and social sentiment around the world. The tool works by measuring and aggregating global data across six key metrics of acceptance, including marriage equality, sexual activity laws and civil liberties (e.g., blood donation and adoption). The data are then indexed across the six bars of the pride flag—like a bar graph—to create an informative and arresting data visualization for each destination on Earth. The tool then uses the data to assign a single Rotten Tomatoes-style score out of 100 to each destination.

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