FCB Ulka and ITC Jelimals Deliver Important Messages to Kids

20 April 2020


During this difficult time, while the world was busy educating the adults, FCB Ulka felt it was important to reach out to the kids as well. However, kids are not usually very receptive to advice that sounds “preachy” or “boring.” So, FCB Ulka decided to speak to them in a slightly different manner. They created an animated video with the famous, beloved cartoon characters in India – Jelimals and Chhota Bheem. They put a catchy track to the video to make it more fun and spoke about the five essential habits kids need to practice on a daily basis that have been recommended by WHO, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

FCB Ulka really came together to deliver the final product. Everyone on this project was working remotely, and coordination seemed like the biggest challenge. The script was narrated to the client over the phone. The animation boards were constantly getting approved on WhatsApp by the agency and client, and multiple versions of the jingle were shared through voice messages. In a time where making a film seemed next to impossible, the FCB Ulka team managed to pull this off without any major hiccups. This just shows how things can be worked out even if you’re working from home.

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