FCB West and Levi’s: ‘Use Your Vote’

08 November 2018


FCB West and Levi’s launched a 90-second online film as part of the Use Your Vote campaign, with the song “We Can’t Sit Down Now” by ’70s R&B singer Joe Tex. The film doesn’t just emphasize why it’s important to vote, but also acts as an urgent call to action for people to get out of their chairs and do it now.

The Use Your Vote campaign started with a 30-second spot set to Aretha Franklin’s “Think” to encourage the public to get informed, get involved, get registered and remind them why they should vote in the 2018 midterm elections. Concurrently, Levi’s opened its stores as registration centers and partnered with Rock the Vote to ensure that everyone has the right to use their voice. Use Your Vote is just one component of Levi’s® multifaceted social VOTE campaign spanning TV, limited-edition product, non-profit partnerships and influencer engagement.

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