FCB Campaign Frees Egyptian Women from Unfair Sentences

07 October 2022


FCB launched “Breakchains with Blockchain,” an NFT collection that frees Egyptian women from prison sentences they received for defaulting on loans, many of which were taken in desperation for lifesaving surgeries, family emergencies, medicine, or to start a business. In Egypt, defaulting on a loan (even ones as small as a few hundred dollars) is a criminal act that carries a prison sentence. Tens of thousands of women are sent to prison every year for defaulting on these small loans.

Since no one was listening to concerns about the topic, FCB jumped on a trend that everyone was talking about – NFTs – to help ameliorate the situation.

FCB worked with international artists to create an NFT collection and release it on Blockchain. Each piece was inspired by the story of a woman sentenced to prison for defaulting on a loan, and priced at the amount needed to pay off her debt. For every piece sold, a woman was freed from her prison sentence.

In addition to freeing women, the campaign raised awareness and inspired change. For the first time, 60 Parliament members signed a bill committing to changing the law, giving hope to “Al Gharemaat” (“The Fined”).

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