Go Smokeless with Snoop Dogg, Solo Stove and The Martin Agency

23 November 2023


The Martin Agency and Solo Stove teamed up with the iconic Snoop Dogg to announce his surprising decision to “give up smoke,” creating a viral sensation across social media. This unexpected message set off a chain reaction, with fans and media alike speculating on what and why the hip-hop legend could be quitting. While the entire world was left scratching their heads, Snoop and Solo Stove released a 30-second spot the following Monday clarifying that it was fire pit smoke he’d be giving up, not cannabis.

The ripple effect was extraordinary:

  • Cannabis stocks plummeted more than 4%, affecting 90% of related stocks on the same day.
  • The campaign achieved virality, earning coverage from major media outlets, including BBC, Buzzfeed, CNN, Forbes, People, and Newsweek.
  • The “Snoop Dogg Goes Smokeless” Solo Stove campaign dominated Twitter, trending #1 twice – first during the initial announcement and later when the clarification spot was released.
  • Solo Stove’s stock enjoyed a substantial 40% increase within the month the campaign went live.
  • The campaign garnered 1.4 million engagements, reaching an impressive 6.7 billion people.
  • The organic Google Search baseline for Solo Stove surged by a staggering 1500x.
  • The overall value generated across organic social and earned media amounted to an impressive $43.5 million.

The unexpected success didn’t end there; Snoop Dogg shared four additional unpaid posts about Solo Stove. This groundbreaking collaboration not only showcased Solo Stove’s innovative product but also demonstrated The Martin Agency’s ability to craft narratives that captivate global audiences.