Golin and Cadbury Combat Lockdown Loneliness for the Older Generation

20 September 2020



Cadbury and Age UK’s Donate your Words campaign encourages people to start a conversation with an older person and combat loneliness. Instead of focusing on the sadness of the subject matter, we focused on the potential stories you could discover if you were to start a conversation with an older person. Golin created “The Originals” podcast to integrate with the ATL and create an earned moment during lockdown. We engaged national hero and 100 year-old fundraiser Sir Captain Tom as the UK’s oldest podcast host to interview fascinating older people (who are The Originals of everything) to discover and share their incredible stories. With Golin’s help, the campaign generated a 2.1 billion potential global media reach, 3.1k earned and social mentions and drove conversation in 58 countries. Most importantly, the story shone a light on loneliness at a time when lockdowns, quarantines and shielding exacerbated the problem ever more.

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