Huge Launches ‘sick OF IT day’ to Encourage Early Voting

15 October 2020


Huge has partnered with, a movement of nonprofits, businesses, election administrators, and creatives working to ensure that all Americans know how to vote early. The agency has created a new campaign, “sick OF IT day.” The campaign consists of six print ads, digital, social media, and out of home ads which are being distributed across the IPG network.

The initiative plays with the concept of taking a sick day off from work and encourages people to vote early by taking a “sick OF IT day,” a twist on the common term to raise an important point in order to vote early. The creative features bold headlines, distressed imagery with cues to the issues that are top of mind in this election including climate change, equality and the economy.

“Our mission at Huge has always been to ‘make something people love.’ We see the election as an opportunity to do our part to help make a world we all can love, too,” said Global Chief Creative Officer Jason Musante.

The carefully crafted ads themselves appear to be ripped and distressed political posters, evocative of tearing up the status quo, and removing the out-of-touch approach, and starting fresh. The headlines highlight the election’s central questions to the viewer, such as:

  • Sick of putting politics over policy?
  • Sick of leading the world in Covid deaths?
  • Sick of worrying if your vote will be counted?
  • Sick of the debate around whose lives matter most?
  • Sick of the debate around the impact of climate change?
  • Sick of being more divided than ever?

“The country is more divided than ever and people on both sides are very unhappy with the current situation. Voting is the only way to make sure that our voices are heard. The goal of this campaign is to make sure that everyone has the chance to be heard in the upcoming election,” commented Fede Garcia, Global Executive Officer at Huge.

The ads feature a call to action, asking the public to “Take a #SickOfItDay and vote early. Vote in-person before November 3rd to make sure your vote counts. Learn how at”

“We are thrilled that Huge is joining forces with the Vote Early Day Movement to launch the ‘Sick OF IT Day’ campaign. Making a sick-proof plan to vote early is the best way to ensure that last minute problems won’t get in the way of casting your ballot, shorten lines on Election Day, and most importantly, make your voice heard ahead of November 3rd. Check out the Vote Early Engine to find the best plan for you!” said, Joey Wozniak, Project Director,

To learn more about the campaign, visit and follow the hashtag #SickOfItDay.

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