Huge Works with Capri Sun to Get Rid of Bullying at School

22 October 2018


Every day 160,000 students skip school due to fear of bullying and exclusion, with nearly a quarter of middle schoolers experiencing that bullying in the school cafeteria. This National Bullying Prevention Month, Capri Sun and Huge partnered with anti-bullying experts at No Bully to create The Together Table, where no kid sits alone in the lunchroom.

This one long, wave-shaped table offers an alternative to kids sitting at separate tables, so no kid sits alone in the school cafeteria. As a brand that has always had a seat at the kids’ table, Capri Sun believes everyone deserves to be included during lunch.

In a new video, a group of kids looks to make a change and put the wave-shaped table to the test to show how it can make a difference at lunchtime.

“When we saw the staggering stats and numbers of kids affected by bullying, we felt compelled to take action,” says Rachel Drof, Director of Brand Build for Capri Sun. “We believe The Together Table is a symbol for kids that will raise awareness of bullying and has the power to build more inclusive lunchrooms one seat at a time.”

“Rejection is the most painful thing that can happen at school,” says Nicholas Carlisle Founder & President of No Bully, “Ensuring that every student has a place at the table is one of the best ways we can come together to end bullying.”

To further raise awareness, Capri Sun took the table to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The table was prominently displayed, and kids were invited to sign the table as a pledge to #SitTogether, transforming the table into an even more powerful symbol of inclusiveness

As a final measure of support, Capri Sun will donate $160,000—$1 for every student who skips school due to fear of bullying and exclusion—to No Bully to support its mission of reducing bullying globally. Join Capri Sun and No Bully to take a stand against bullying by using #SitTogether and sharing The Together Table film on social media.

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