IPG Hosts Annual Women’s Breakfast at CES

14 January 2019

IPG hosted its annual Women’s Breakfast at CES with top innovators to discuss how data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and algorithms are optimizing our lives while growing increasingly sophisticated and emotionally intelligent.

With over 100 attendees, the breakfast “Using AI to Transform and Empower Business,” was moderated by Preeti Patel, SVP Technology, R/GA. The discussion focused on how AI is opening up a new frontier for digital transformation. Virtually every application, service and Internet of Things (IoT) object incorporates an intelligent aspect to automate or augment application processes or human activities. Apps and other services driven by artificial intelligence have infiltrated our private lives, making decisions for us, both small and large, using our data, which we willingly—and often unwittingly—offer.

Each panelist shared how their organizations are utilizing AI and data in service of their audience/consumer. AI has such a wide range of use cases including personalization, machine translation, voice, and accessibility of content, just to name a few.

A common thread throughout the discussion was the importance of the human element and ethical issues surrounding AI.