LOLA Norma Jean Launches the ‘UNnoticed Fashion Show’

27 April 2023


At Lisbon Fashion Week, LOLA Norma Jean and designer Giovanna Tavares collaborated to launch TLOVET, the first Portuguese lingerie brand dedicated to the trans community. In taking a stand against transphobia, the campaign aims to shed light on the challenges encountered by the trans community, particularly when it comes to finding comfortable and discreet underwear during the transition journey.

Seeking to raise awareness for this cause and provide comfort, self-esteem and an improved quality of life for trans women, LOLA Norma Jean and Giovanna Tavares organized the first-ever “Unnoticed Fashion Show,” which featured trans models discreetly wearing TLOVET underwear.

“I believe in the power of good, and in our industry we can actually cause real change and impact mindsets and behaviors. This unprecedented initiative united the fashion industry in Portugal to send a strong message that the inclusion of all people matters regardless of their gender identity.” commented Leandro Alvarez, Chief Creative Officer of LOLA Norma Jean.