Lowe Lintas and Lifebuoy Create Hand-Sanitizing Stations in India

29 October 2018


India is a land of many gods and festivals with each occasion seeing a vast number of people in a perfect melting pot of devotion, celebration and food. Every October, Bengalis celebrate the homecoming of goddess Durga, the destroyer of evil. Food, including street food, is an integral part of the celebrations, and an indispensable element of the festivities.

Festivities are often enjoyed paying little attention to hand-washing before eating, exposing devotees to hidden disease-causing germs. Lifebuoy addressed this in the form of a “blessing gesture” woven into an innovative design—the Lifebuoy #GermNashini (roughly translated into English as “germ destroyer” or ”destroyer of evil”). This hand-sanitizing device was prominently placed in public view, dispensing Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer for devotees, destroying 99.99% of the germs on hands—without any water. The on-ground experiential campaign was supported by a popular Indian Bollywood icon, Kajol, who is also the brand’s ambassador. The devices were installed in three cities and amplified through social media, reaching approximately 2 million people.