Lowe Lintas and Fastrack Encourage Sustainable Living

12 January 2023


Lowe Lintas introduced a brand campaign for Titan Company’s Eyecare Division, Fastrack, with a new Nature Wear collection focused on sustainability. The campaign, “#LovedByNature,” introduces an organic eyewear collection with products made of castor seeds, and aims to highlight the brand’s introduction of bio-degradable and environmentally sustainable products.

Lowe Lintas created a film for the campaign that features an animation of an Orangutan, communicating the message that nature loves us back if we live more sustainably. With #LovedByNature as the central message, the campaign aims to encourage an embrace of sustainable fashion.

Responding to a creative idea used in the film, Shyaondeep Pal, Regional Creative Director, Lowe Lintas said, “Very rarely, you come across a product that truly is organic and environment friendly. We thought of a simple leap, where an ape walks into a human environment to thank a girl for choosing Fastrack. The toughest part was to get the expression of the Orangutan right. The right kind of empathy in the eyes. Overall, it was a fun project to work on.”