Mastercard’s ‘True Name’ Lets Trans and Non-binary People Use Chosen Names

01 July 2020


Mastercard’s “True Name” initiative lets Trans and Non-binary people display their chosen names on their credit or debit cards. The financial brand introduced the industry-changing effort to allow anyone to reflect their true identity in a moment we all take for granted – using a credit card.

The film features Trans and Non-binary actors, and is meant to convey their strength, individuality and true selves. It exemplifies the situation of a Trans Man using his True Name to make a simple purchase. It’s the kind of everyday purchase that many of us do every day.

Mastercard has been an ally and official sponsor of World Pride for over 10 years. True Name is another example of their commitment to support the LGBTQIA+ community, especially as many members of the Trans-Black community have been exposed to various threats and violence because of their identity.

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