McCann and LinkedIn Welcome the New Era of Professionalism

24 January 2022


LinkedIn, 215 McCann, and McCann New York are continuing to explore the breadth of professionalism in their latest “Welcome Professional 2.0.” The campaign, which follows “Welcome Professional 1.0,” amplifies the voices of the LinkedIn community as they use the platform to unpack what it means to be “professional.”

While maintaining themes of open-mindedness and versatility, “Welcome Professional 2.0” embraces the diversity established across the LinkedIn platform and shares the unique perspectives of its members.

“With this latest work, we wanted to showcase our very own members, whose stories inspire and ground many of us. The paths that led to where they are today and why they do what they do show that there are many different ways to be professional and, by doing so, they’re creating new spaces and narratives to reflect our individual journeys. These are the kinds of conversations we see everyday on LinkedIn, sparking new connections, possibilities and creating opportunities for more people.” LinkedIn VP of Marketing, Minjae Ormes, comments.

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