McCann and Microsoft Salute Every Mom Doing Their Best

11 May 2020


The world has changed drastically over the last few months, especially for parents and caregivers trying to make this new way of working work. While recognizing that parenting comes in all shapes and sizes, in honor of Mother’s Day, Microsoft wanted to celebrate and recognize the moms who are “making it work.” Not the pretty, romanticized view of motherhood we often see this time of year, but a slice of real life.

This Mother’s Day, we are celebrating all the moms who are making it work, showing real moms working at home via Microsoft Teams while surrounded by their new reality. Microsoft had working moms show us what life is like on Teams calls where they are not only trying to get work done—they are coping with the interruptions, interjections, and sometimes insurrections happening. It’s a peek at how moms are connecting, contributing, and coping. To every mom doing their best, Happy Mother’s Day!

“Parenting has been called the toughest job you will ever love—and this has probably never been truer than it is today,” noted Kathleen Hall, CVP, Brand, Advertising & Research, Microsoft. The boundaries between work, home and school have been breached, each spilling over into the other’s space. In honor of Mother’s Day, we thought it would be fun to give a realistic portrayal of what life is really like for moms working from home these days to salute them, and let them know they are not alone,” she continued.

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