McCann Colombia Launches ‘Wearable Plastic Bags’

05 November 2021


The rise in plastic waste, particularly stemming from plastic bags, is a complex reality around the world. Globally, more than 70% of plastics will end up dumped in oceans and seas, and up to 12% will be burned, causing pollution and disease in different areas of the planet. The amount of plastic waste has only increased as a result of COVID-19 and the need for millions of masks, gloves, bags, and packaging.

Knowing this background, McCann Columbia, Fontanar Shopping Mall, and fashion designer Christian Colorado, launched “Wearable Bags,” a project that combines style, comfort, and sustainability. Each Wearable Bag avoids the use of more than 167 bags per year, are made to last up to five years, and are non-binary designs.

Colorado explained that “these are items that offer double function to those who wear them, as they are jackets that can be used as bags, thus offering multiple contributions to fashion. The first, and most important for us, is that it contributes to the environment, the second is style, and the third is the comfort they offer because people will no longer have to carry plastic or additional bags due to they can carry everything in their jacket. In this way we want to show the world that we can have style while taking care of the environment”.

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