McCann Global Health and Lady Liberty Tout Importance of Mask-Wearing

19 May 2020


Governor Cuomo called on all New Yorkers to submit videos on social media demonstrating the importance of wearing a mask in public. We responded, with our take on how to unite New York around this important public health measure

One of the greatest cities in the world is hurting. New York became the epicenter of the global epidemic and as the weeks drag on, exhaustion and helplessness tend to kick in. But we cannot give up. We cannot let our guards down. We must stay strong, vigilant and continue to protect ourselves and our fellow New Yorkers.

To help encourage people to wear face masks outside, McCann Global Health created a PSA film showing New Yorkers protecting their most beloved resident—Lady Liberty! She proudly displays her new face mask inspiring all New Yorkers to do the same. The film also aims to move New York leadership to place a real mask on the Statue of Liberty, transcending the 30-second film and creating a cultural moment that can inspire people not just in New York, but around the world.

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