McCann Kyiv Transforms Bulletproof Vests into Art

06 February 2023


Ukraine for Heroes — a non-profit organization supporting Ukrainian soldiers and civilians during the war — has teamed up with McCann Kyiv to launch “ArtArmor,” a powerful initiative that transforms bulletproof vest plates into beautiful works of art.

Designed to raise awareness of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, the project involves collaboration with over 10 Ukrainian artists to recontextualize the utilitarian objects of war into unique and visually striking artworks that inspire hope and creativity.

The campaign launched on social media with the hashtag #ArtArmor and features partnerships with various organizations and influencers to promote the initiative and encourage donations for Ukraine for Heroes’ casework. This includes purchasing personal non-lethal protection gear for Ukrainian soldiers, territory demining, and wounded soldier rehabilitation. McCann Kyiv also plans to organize an auction to sell the art pieces, with all proceeds going to Ukraine for Heroes.

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