McCann and McCann Health London Launch ‘Smart Plants’ and Pollutant Absorption System

25 April 2023


McCann London and McCann Health London launched “Smart Plants” for Plant Drop, a campaign that demonstrates how plants can improve air quality in homes. As explained in the campaign video, air inside our homes can become heavily polluted due to toxins that are emitted from everyday household items like cleaning products and paint. The research behind this campaign builds on studies from NASA that showed how plants can keep the air clean for astronauts.

Each plant in the campaign identifies and removes at least one of the five primary toxins identified from household items – ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde, trichlorethylene, and xylene – using the “Pollutant Absorption System (PAS).” Consumers can use this information to determine which plant is most appropriate for purifying their homes. By using this information, the campaign shifts away from the narrative that plants are solely bought for an aesthetic purpose.

Plant Drop, an online marketplace that exclusively sells rare, hard-to-find plants created a questionnaire that incorporates data from the PAS to help customers pick the plant that will best help improve air quality in their homes.

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