McCann New York and MRM New York Partner with United States Postal Service on ‘Certainty’

27 April 2020


The United States Postal Service is an American institution that provides an essential federal service as part of the nation’s critical infrastructure.  At least six days per week, and in some instances seven, Postal Service employees accept, process, transport, and deliver important mail and vital packages to every home and residence across the country, and we always will. Our unparalleled service is necessary in the best of times, but as the world is urged to stay home, USPS deliveries are truly lifelines, especially in rural America and to senior citizens and those who are most vulnerable.

This film celebrates the heroism and commitment of our 630,000 postal employees who continue to serve the American public during this pandemic using previously shot footage, featuring USPS employees all across the country working hard to make deliveries happen. Whether it’s working in a sorting facility, or driving 400 million miles per day to reach every corner of the country, the United States Postal Service is there to deliver the items needed most. The voice in the film is the USPS Postmaster General, showing her appreciation for all of the men and women of the United States Postal Service for their dedication and service, every day.

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