McCann NY and Verizon Fios Build Unbreakable Controller to Troll Laggy Gamers

20 April 2021


Nobody feels the effects of slow internet more than gamers. Because when gamers lag, they tend to take their frustration out on the first thing they can get their hand on: video game controllers.

McCann NY and Verizon Fios wanted to show gamers that the Fios network is the solution to lag frustrations. Named best internet for gaming by PCMag, simply switching to Fios can help gamers step up their gameplay. So, to get their attention in the most gamer way possible: we trolled them… with the world’s first Unbreakable Controller. [Created to handle typical gamer tantrums, but not literally unbreakable.]

To pull off creating this innovative piece of tech, McCann sought out one of the best product engineers, Steve Brower from Brower Propulsion Lab. The Unbreakable Controller he built was sent to one of the biggest influencers in gaming, Nate Hill of FaZe Clan. Naturally, he trolled his fellow teammates that don’t have Fios, by challenging them to test its durability through a series of hilarious challenges including bats, balconies, and jackhammers.

In the end, the tests proved that the controller is truly unbreakable, however it’s not the solution for a better gaming experience… for that you have Verizon Fios.

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