McCann Paris and L’Oréal Give the Gift of Self-Worth

20 September 2021


Actress and activist Eva Longoria says “you’re worth it” to her first-grade self in a reflective video filmed as a part of the “Lessons of Worth” series from L’Oréal Paris, which aims to put meaning behind the brand’s historic tagline.

Launched in May 2020, “Lessons of Worth,” is a series of spoken word videos using personal anecdotes to give a deeper meaning to self-worth. The series was designed with a creative desire to let women find their own meaning behind the “Because I’m Worth It” tagline. By sharing personal experiences and lessons, each video encourages us to learn to accept and value ourselves..

In a raw, uncluttered format, filmed in front of a simple dark studio background, McCann Paris creatively designed each sequence with no cuts or edits, reflective of the campaign’s meaning.



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