Kevin Bacon and McCann Prevent COVID-19 Spread With #IStayHomeFor Campaign

18 March 2020



Note from McCann North America President Devika Bulchandani:

Dear All,

As you know, the fallout from the coronavirus is moving very fast and the impact it has on all of us, on our friends, families and communities, is growing every day. In just the last week, the majority of us started working from home for two weeks or longer – the timeframe for this crisis, and every other factor relating to it, are still unknown.

We now have a consensus from the global scientific community, working with our various levels of government, urging us to stay home to “flatten the curve” of infections so our healthcare systems don’t implode.

One of the biggest problems that cities, states and national governments face is making every citizen understand the magnitude of the coronavirus crisis. In the US, as in other countries, we have all seen the footage of beaches, bars and restaurants jammed with people, literally oblivious to the dangers they pose to others as carriers of the virus.

But because we are all so connected, the virus will affect us all. That is why we have a chance as individuals to help play a meaningful role in everyone’s lives – and fight the coronavirus.

So we are launching a very simple idea to help spread awareness.

It’s called #IStayHomeFor – and the idea is simple. We’re asking people to post an image or video to their social channels of themselves at home holding up the name of a person they want to keep safe. It could be your mom, your grandparents, your cousin, or a friend. It could be the health workers and others on the front lines of the fight.

And we reached out to the actor Kevin Bacon – the man famous for being “six degrees of separation” from everyone in America – to work with us to launch the #IStayHomeFor campaign to promote sheltering in place.

This is a simple, fun and effective action we can all take. And we think it can become a real movement. We’re excited to see that Kevin Bacon just launched his participation on his social media channels.

We are all impacted by the global crisis. But yet we share that common capacity to get going when the times get tough. And to do our part to make a difference.

We very much want all of you to pitch in and help. And to make this idea meaningful to you and your family, your community, your country. To make it a real movement. Here’s how:

1. Regram, Retweet or share Kevin’s #IStayHomeFor video on Facebook;
2. Tell the world who you are staying home for. Create your own photo or video declaring who you are staying home for. Example: Hold up a sign saying “ #IStayHomeFor my mom”;
3. Share to your social channels – Instagram stories, Instagram feed, Twitter, Facebook or TikTok – using the hashtag #IStayHomeFor. Tag 6 friends to participate.

Some considerations when participating:
• Imagery should be captured within a home setting;
• Shoot video vertically, and in selfie mode, to make it authentic;
• Your photo should be of yourself, holding a #IStayHomeFor sign;
• Do not call out any specific medical ailment.

You can refer to the #IStayHomeFor guidelines below for more details. Thank you for jumping in and getting behind this idea. Have fun. And stay safe.

— Devika

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