McCann and Home Centre Celebrate Single Moms on Father’s Day

30 June 2021


When the world celebrated Father’s Day this summer, paying tribute to dads everywhere, McCann Worldgroup and Home Centre, a leading home retailer in the Middle East, used the day to showcase single moms. Through a moving social media film titled “A Dad’s Job,” Home Centre made a statement that mothers who do what’s stereotypically considered a dad’s job should be celebrated, too.

Gallup reports that over 15% of homes in the Middle East do not have a dad. Yet, many single moms in the Middle East still face judgement from their communities, society and, in some cases, their own families. This judgement often comes from perceptions of inadequacy, or opinions that mothers should not take on the role of two parents in a family. These obstacles are piled on top of everyday challenges already innate to raising children alone.

“A Dad’s Job” dared to challenge this cultural norm through a multifaceted campaign with true impact and hopeful results, earning the FP7 McCann Dubai team a GRAND PRIX at the 4A’s Jay Chiat Awards.