McCann Worldgroup Columbia and Banco de Bogotá Create ‘The River Apartments’

06 July 2021


Inspired by The Bogotá River, one of the most important and most polluted rivers of South America, McCann Worldgroup and Banco de Bogotá created The River Apartments: A real estate project inspired by nature and furnished entirely by reusing trash found in the river. Marketed as a typical luxury real estate project, The River Apartments seek to educate people about water contamination and proper waste disposal.

The Bogotá River passes through 47 Colombian municipalities including the capital, Bogotá, which has a population of over nine million people. In total, 97% of the 380km long river is contaminated with 270 tons of solid waste each month. All types of items are thrown into the river, including microwaves, sofas, decorative objects, toys, beds, and home appliances.

“This idea explores a new way of communicating and creating awareness on this problem that has been happening for many years. We have ignored that amounts of trash we produce in our homes for decades, and it´s time to do something about it by allowing some of that trash to come back home and reminds us how we should treat it” said Diana Triana, General Creative Director at McCann Worldgroup Colombia and Jairo Restrepo and Eduardo Quirós of the campaign creative team.

Users can view a virtual tour to explore the space and learn more.