McCann and The Swedish Food Federation’s “Eat a Swede” campaign won the Entertainment Lions Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions Festival for Creativity, with a 5 million person reach and over 500 million impressions.

Knowing that the food industry is the largest single economy in the world, and that it affects people and the climate more than most other industries, McCann started to think about how we eat. The agency took a creative spark from the story of Magnus Söderlund, a Swedish academic who presented a study where 8% of people surveyed considered eating human meat acceptable. The agency used the statistic to blur the line between reality and fiction in a mockumentary titled “Eat A Swede.”

The film follows fictional character Erik Karlsson’s clumsy yet determined attempts to position actual Swedish humans as the new meat for a sustainable future. His ideas are met universally with shock and revulsion when they try what they believe to be human lab-grown meat. Overall, the film explores the changes needed in the food industry to feed a growing population and save our planet.