MullenLowe and Lifebuoy Build Upcycled Handwashing Stations

03 May 2023


MullenLowe Lintas Group, MullenLowe Singapore and Lifebuoy launched “Gift of the Ganga,” a Metaverse campaign that encourages gamers to collect plastic from the virtually recreated Ganges River. While gamers are cleaning up the virtual world, Lifebuoy partnered with Swayambhu, a social enterprise, to clean up just as much plastic pollution from the real-life river, focusing most specifically on the Haridwar bend, its most polluted section. Lifebuoy will then upcycle the waste collected in the Haridwar bend into school handwashing stations, helping to alleviate the shortage of stations in schools which, per UNICEF, affects more than 800 million children around the world.

According to Parnil Sarin, Global Brand Director, Unilever, “Pollutants of all sorts are breeding grounds for illness causing germs. Combined with the lack of practicing hand hygiene at the right occasions daily, this leads to multiple preventable illnesses in children. Lifebuoy has always believed in going beyond creating a discourse on the importance of soap and hand-hygiene. Year on year the brand stays committed to creating and launching platforms to further amplify and engage people at scale.”

In addition to the virtual campaign and Lifebuoy’s commitment to clean up the Ganges, the company is encouraging its audience to go outside and pick up trash whenever they see it, aiming to inspire younger audiences into community action.