MullenLowe Celebrates Tradition and Craftsmanship for Patrón

10 December 2022


Patrón Spirits — a company driven by purpose, dedication and passion for craft — has launched a new campaign titled “Our Hands.” Created by MullenLowe LA, the campaign tells the compelling story of tradition, authenticity and heartfelt craftsmanship through the lens of Patrón’s own tequila masters.

Shot in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico, the film highlights the pride rooted in Patrón’s process, from harvesting the finest Weber Blue Agave to hand-sealing each bottle of tequila, and demonstrates the care and attention that goes into every bottle of the brand’s tequila.

To further authenticate the campaign, MullenLowe LA produced behind-the-scenes content that features real Patrón artisans sharing their passion, Grammy winner Andrés “Dre” Levin orchestrating a musical performance, and fashion designer Sandra Weil providing a custom wardrobe.

The campaign is accompanied by the hashtag #OurHands and pays tribute to the people behind the brand, reinforcing Patrón’s commitment to producing high-quality tequila.