MullenLowe Lintas Indonesia Works with iFree on #WeGotYourBack

23 April 2021


The Indonesian feminine care brand iFree is a long-time pioneer, with heat pads that aim to alleviate menstrual cramps so that women can proceed with their day-to-day lives unbothered. iFree took that mission one step further by working with MullenLowe Lintas Indonesia on the #WeGotYourBack campaign to tackle many problems that women face.

#WeGotYourBack, a campaign on social media, was launched on International Women’s Day and showcases 14 pieces of art celebrating the unique and diverse personalities of Indonesia’s women. Each image celebrates a different identity, whether tattooed, a hijab wearer, music player, darker skin tone and more, and reminds followers that they shouldn’t let the judgment of others define who they are.

The campaign contrasts with a series of internalized misogyny viral moments on social media, where women put each other down for actions such as cooking for a husband or choosing a particular style.

iFree’s expanded mission to combat this pain through the #WeGotYourBack campaign was well-received. Ultimately, each of the 14 identities in the images were equally engaged with by followers, and shared across social media with personalized stories.

You can view the campaign on iFree’s Instagram page, here.