MullenLowe London and Cif Beautify Communities

05 December 2019


MullenLowe London and Cif, a Unilever brand that makes household cleaning products, have launched a purpose-led campaign that restores beauty to local communities. Cif’s brand mission is to spread the happiness we feel when we see our world, our homes and our communities looking their beautiful best.

Living in environments that have become ugly and dirty has been shown to breed a feeling of demotivation, unease and unhappiness; whereas a beautiful, clean environment has a profoundly positive effect on one’s well-being. Cif hopes that by restoring beauty to our surroundings, this will, in turn, improve people’s well-being, lower our stress levels and put smiles on all our faces.

This is why Cif and MullenLowe London, working with local community groups have taken to the streets of Portslade, near Brighton and Hackney in London to clean up local communities.

Marion, a volunteer in Portslade said: “I’m glad to be coming together with the community to do something that will make others happier and make them feel like someone cares. It’s the sort of place that could be beautiful and when it’s done, it’s going to cheer you up when you go through it.”

Hajar Alafifi, Global Vice President, Household Cleaners at Unilever said, “Cif is already well-known for its ability to give us beautiful cleaning results in our homes. With this initiative, we want to make a real difference to the beauty of our communities, making them sources of pleasure for everyone who lives and works in them.”

Jose Miguel Sokoloff, Chief Creative Officer at MullenLowe Group UK said, “we know that when we walk down the street, if it’s dirty or overrun with rubbish, it can really negatively impact our well-being. This campaign shows the importance of brands like Cif partnering with local communities in restoring the image and liveability of derelict run-down areas.”