MullenLowe New York and the Brooklyn Film Festival Say There’s ‘Something to Offend Everyone’

14 June 2022


MullenLowe New York’s new campaign for The Brooklyn Film Festival, titled “Something to Offend Everyone,” pokes fun at sensitive and easily offended viewers, with the goal of encouraging festival-goers to be open to new ideas. The festival prides itself on never censoring filmmakers, with the new campaign sarcastically teaching viewers how to talk about thought-provoking films without causing offense. The ultimate lesson: somebody, somewhere is always offended about something.

The campaign video leads viewers to, where a “training course” inspired by human resource training videos shows a series of protagonists as they try, and fail, to communicate new ideas to their partner, dog or colleagues. On “completing” the course, viewers received a discounted ticket to the Festival.

The campaign also includes out-of-home work, such as billboards in Times Square.