MullenLowe Rauf and Lifebuoy Encourage Handwashing During Pandemic

23 April 2020


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lifebuoy was uniquely positioned to pick up the mantle for hygiene and promote regular hand washing. The brand released a PSA via MullenLowe Rauf that went one step further, advocating that washing hands with any soap was of the utmost importance, going as far as to mention competitive brands such as Dettol and Safeguard thereby building a category and instilling a habit.

Ayeza Khan, a popular TV actress, who has been part of the brand’s prior campaigns, appears in the PSA, whose message will also roll out on social media.

“These are trying times and it is good to see that socially responsible brands such as Lifebuoy decided to put a greater message forward,” noted Kayzad Giara, Creative Director for MullenLowe Rauf. “The aim here is to educate people about COVID-19 and in a small way help save lives,” he continued.