MullenLowe SSP3 and Pony Malta Define “Girl” in Spanish Dictionary

21 October 2021


On International Girls’ Day, MullenLowe SSP3 partnered with client Pony Malta to empower girls through language.

In the official dictionary for the Spanish Language, the definition of “boy” includes more than five different meanings. However, when looking for “girl,” there is no specific definition, rather the definition reverts to its masculine counterpart.

For this reason, as a celebration of International Girl’s Day, MullenLowe SSP3 and Pony Malta created the campaign #GirlByGirls, a movement that seeks this definition from girls themselves.

To join this movement, girls must only use the hashtag of the campaign through their favorite social networks, showing what it means for them to be a girl. With these definitions, the brand will create a dictionary that will show that girls can define themselves.

This is the second time Pony Malta has created a particular action to celebrate International Girls’ Day, after last year presenting “She Speaks,” an initiative where over 500,.000 girls uploaded TikTok videos featuring speeches of some of the most important women in history.