Performance Art Celebrates BMW’s Hofmeister Kink

27 July 2022


Celebrating an iconic, yet lesser-known BMW design feature, the Ultimate Driving Machine has partnered with Performance Art to put a spotlight on its Hofmeister Kink with a first-of-its-kind engagement platform that integrates artificial intelligence, one-to-one customer relationship management and real-world performance.

Encouraging BMW owners to discover their own Hofmeister Kink — the unique and eye-catching rearward/forward angle near the base of the rearmost pillar of every BMW for the last 60 years — the platform uses artificial intelligence to virtually cartograph every kink-shaped road in the continental United States. With more than +56,000 geo-coordinates to drive, BMW customers and enthusiasts can engage with the brand like never before.

Supported by digital, paid and organic social, CRM and by dealerships, the creative technology campaign coincides with the 60th anniversary of the Hofmeister Kink, welcoming BMW owners and automotive design enthusiasts into a new era of personalized brand experience.

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