R/GA and Google Play Promote Inclusivity With the Launch of League of Legends Wild Rift

16 April 2021


League of Legends is the most popular (pc) game in the world. However, the LoL community is notoriously challenging to break into. There’s a steep learning curve and players are known to not be welcoming to newbies.

With LoL Wild Rift coming to mobile for the first time, Google Play wanted to promote inclusivity and extend an invitation to all gamers, current and new fans alike. R/GA’s goal was to position Google Play as a valuable partner to the gaming community, not just a storefront for the Wild Rift launch. With Google Play available to millions of players, R/GA’s role was to open up the arena of Wild Rift to ensure the new generation of legends can come from anywhere. Empowering every player to get more out of Wild Rift by connecting camaraderie.

The inclusivity message was not just part of the film narrative. The team also pushed for equity and diversity in our teams. The director search and talent casting emphasized giving greater representation to underrepresented voices. The team demonstrated gaming accessibility in our creative and created campaign assets for those with visual and auditory impairments.

Playing Wild Rift is a way to connect, even if you’re not physically together. The game is tough, but experiencing those ups, downs, teamwork, hardships, and victories as a team makes the connection even stronger.

In this film, R/GA wanted to showcase the united experience players go through together by visualizing a team’s collective emotions, reactions and camaraderie as they play a game of Wild Rift together.

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