R/GA and Kimberly-Clark Highlight the Importance of Access to Clean Water

29 March 2023


Access to basic sanitation affects thousands of families in Latin America, with more than 89 million people in the region without access to clean bathrooms or drinking water. In an effort to raise awareness of the magnitude of this issue, Kimberly-Clark, the multinational personal care company, has partnered with R/GA Argentina to launch “Where is the bathroom?” — a PSA campaign that encourages dialogue on the importance of basic sanitation access.

Featuring real families from Colombia, Peru and Brazil, the campaign brings attention to immense disparities in clean water access across Latin America. While encouraging viewers to take action by donating to local organizations that provide hygiene and sanitation solutions to families in need, the campaign also shines a spotlight on Kimberly-Clark’s “Bathrooms Change Lives” initiative, which has provided access to safe bathrooms, drinking water and hygiene education to more than 5 million people across Latin America since its establishment in 2015.

“This campaign is a first step to give visibility and generate conversation about a problem that affects millions of people in Latin America but rarely reaches the attention of the media or the public interest. We focus on something that many of us might see as basic as having a bathroom, to reflect on everything that is at stake when you don’t have it. I hope making it visible helps people be more conscious of this issue,” said Josefina Casellas, Executive Creative Director SS LATAM at R/GA.

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