R/GA and Reddit’s 2022 Recap

06 December 2022


In partnership with Reddit, R/GA has launched the latest “Reddit Recap,” which brings together the most heart-warming and head-scratching moments of 2022. This annual tradition reflects on the trending, funny and touching moments of the year, and highlights how the platform’s communities came together in the most uniquely Reddit way.

Against the backdrop of original song, “A Beautiful Mess,” the two-minute reel takes viewers on a journey through standout community moments of 2022 — including the iconic time in r/place where communities banded together to make a digital canvas with 136MM+ tiled pixels, as well as the moment where Redditors embraced their humanness and normalized their mistakes in r/tifu. In addition to spotlighting these heartwarming milestones on the platform, Reddit’s 2022 recap also captures the more somber moments shared across its communities this year, including Russia’s war in Ukraine and protests over women’s rights in Iran.

Reddit’s 2022 “Recap” video marks the third year that the platform has celebrated its users and paid tribute to the substantial moments shared on the platform.

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