R/GA London’s ‘Preservation Play’ Raises Money for NGOs Through Ad Revenue

12 July 2021


R/GA London’s ‘Preservation Play’ is an initiative to raise money for environmental organizations through a YouTube channel. The channel plays nature videos and directs all ad revenues to Project Zero and other environmental organizations.

The concept originated from an increasing trend, which R/GA identified over the past year, where consumers turn to nature videos to relax, sleep, or to increase productivity. Yet despite the views nature videos received, none of the ad revenue was going toward preserving the environment. Partnering with Project Zero, R/GA capitalized on passive streaming on YouTube and converted the channel’s ad revenue into donations that preserve our ocean and planet. A small portion will be used to increase search engine optimization, generating more views and more ad revenue.

Project Zero, a charity that works around the world to protect and restore the ocean, is the first organization to partner with R/GA on ‘Preservation Play.’ The partnership was marked by the launch of a new playlist featuring soothing ocean videos.

Nick Pringle, SVP Executive Creative Director at R/GA said: “The Preservation Play creates a ‘good loop’: The more people watch, the more they relax, the more they earn for the environment. It’s great when we can use our creativity to create genuine value for NGOs like Project Zero.”

R/GA London is encouraging other NGOs and charities to get in touch so they can start earning an income via Preservation Play.

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